The baby is coming soon!!

(sorry about the arrows in the picture)

I bet some of you are tired of seeing TS4 sims but I got the demo today and I couldn’t wait to try it out!  I attempted to make Calista and Adam, my favorite sims 3 couple.  They don’t really look anything like what they’re supposed to look like.  Hopefully I’ll get better as time goes by and by the time the game comes out.  Regardless, I’m getting pretty excited for September.  :D

Sorry I haven’t been on in a long time!

Also, just a warning that I will continue to be offline for quite some time.  My family is having our kitchen/dining room/living room remodeled so I am going with my mom and my sister to our cabin to get away from the remodeling.  I’m going to queue some pictures so hopefully my blog won’t be too sparse!  I’m sad to say this but I probably won’t be active on this blog until school starts.  Being home during summer keeps me away from the computer apparently.  :P


So you probably shouldn’t be seeing this since it’s part of the next mini-update where we find out what happens to Jesse, but it was to cute not to share.


Trance decides to interrupt this very important conversation.

Champ “freak out” faces!!  :P

Calla’s water broke!


More love for Trance

He’s super cute!!!!

Woo!  First painting finished!

Alien!!!  :O

It’s so nice when everyone’s asleep.  

It’s a little dark but still just as cute!

Poor thing, he trips a lot.  :P