I was dumb and bought a double bed instead of two singles.  

Talking while sitting on the bed is the cutest thing.  :D

A message from Anonymous
I bet you really miss having cats in Sims 4...

I do.  D’:  You don’t know how excited I am to see what TS4 pets will be like. 

Working on baby number 2!

Champ: I have an idea

Calla: Really?  What is it?

Champ: *whispers* Let’s procreate some more.

Calla: *blushes* I thought you’d never ask


I converted Simtzu’s edit of Escand’s Eyes for the Sims 4 and recolored it. This is my favorite set of eyes for The Sims 3. c:
They are default replacements. The order of the colors shown in the pictures is the same order you’ll find them in CAS. Hope you like it. ^^

Watch in game. If you want to see the difference between my eyes replacement and EA’s go here.

Download (.package): mediafire | dropbox | mega

Credit: Simtzu and Escand c:

Eep!  YAY!  My favorite TS3 eye defaults!

A somewhat unpleasant first family dinner.

In preparation for book 4

I watched all of book 3 of The Legend of Korra yesterday (so happy they’re all online now).  Oh my gosh I’m an emotional wreck right now.  

It was sooooo good!!!  

I’m super excited for book 4! :D

Just cuteness.  <3

Making baby food!

Haha, I love that he sat down to chat with her.  :P